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Cocora is an ECO luxury brand that seeks to create handcrafted, versatile and above all, long lasting garments. 


The idea was born in Spain between two friends and brought to life by an enterprising woman who designs, produces, markets and dedicates all her passion to each of the collections, expanding every day and improving a little more with each season, confident that we offer an excellent product, with quality, design and packaging like no other on the market.


Our workshop is located in Bogota Colombia, where our beautiful craftswomen create each of the pieces by hand, giving each product a unique touch. Designed in Ibiza, we draw our inspiration from its coves, flowers and natural beauty. Our heart is divided between the love and respect for the craftsmanship and quality of Colombian designs and the vibe and lifestyle of Ibiza: Cocora is the result of this fusion.




Our name is inspired by the Cocora Valley in the department of Quindio in Colombia, the natural paradise and birthplace of our designer. 

Meaning water star, it is the name of the indigenous princess who inhabited and fought for this valley. Our brand portrays a self-confident warrior woman.

We create timeless and exclusive Haute Couture Swimwear. All our garments can be custom made and made to order. They are available in different colors and we can alter the design according to your needs to make you feel more comfortable. We want Cocora to be your second skin. 

None of our collections expire, they are only renewed, introducing new models throughout the year.

We are an exclusive online store and only sell in authorized points of sale.



Video by Rebeca Pacual Photography @rebeca_pascual_

At Cocora we understand that our planet is everyone's home and we must protect it as such.

We work every day to improve our relationship with the environment.


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