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"Made by women for women".

Cocora is a Spanish Eco-luxury Summer Lifestyle brand mostly inspired by the island of Ibiza. Our values are to be totally transparent like the sea and to create sustainable productions, we have a strong commitment to the environment and its conservation. 

We are a lifestyle that stands for personal development and healthy habits. We give visibility to the value of handmade work and in each garment we transmit love for fashion, respect for exclusivity, and nature.

"We exude elegance, art, and design". 

The most important thing for us is you, for you to be part of our club and feel love for Cocora is our greatest motivation. That is why we create unique pieces made entirely by women, working with high-quality materials and manufacturing under fair conditions.

We exist for confident and powerful women, those who build their own paths and possess a free spirit. Our swimwear designs are timeless and fit perfectly to the figure so you can always feel comfortable and be your best version, we will be the must-have for your travels around the world.


OUR COMMITMENT: Environmental and social responsibility

By Nía Vásquez

We feel a great commitment to our mother earth, Pachamama, and we only want to give back a little of what it gives to us. Therefore, all our processes are handmade and we use techniques that respect the planet.

To reduce our CO2 footprint, we plant a tree for each of your purchases, creating a forest with our entire community.

We have eliminated all our cardboard and plastic boxes! We want that everything you receive when you join our club, be useful in your everyday life.


We create in Ibiza and produce in Colombia and Brazil, where from small workshops run by women, we handcraft our garments with great heart, respecting not only tradition but also labor and fair working conditions.

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Vídeo by Rebeca Pacual Fotografía @rebeca_pascual_

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